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Introducing the new era of digital media trading.

Digital media moves at a frantic pace. Staying agile means better results.
Adslot gives you real time access to high quality inventory from the world’s leading publishers – all in a single, global marketplace.

Transactions are executed in minutes, not days or weeks. The process is automated. The inventory is guaranteed. Welcome to the new era of digital media trading.

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Looking for Sports sites to reach Men aged 18-24 or Moms in a Lifestyle context? No problem. Getting the right combination of sites on your plan according to their content category, reach and audience affinity is easy with integration of the world’s leading audience research sources, including Nielsen and Comscore.

Many of the complexities of product comparison and price negotiations that lengthen the media buying cycle and can put strain on the buyer-seller relationship are lessened with automated guaranteed.



Real-time availability forecasting massively reduces your lead times to campaign live date. With automated guaranteed, the technology takes care of the avails checking process so the conversation between buyer and seller becomes one about value creation.

Right now, a single deal can require more than 40 steps from the initial RFPs to negotiation, execution and trafficking. This is where guaranteed comes in. By automating mundane tasks, media planners and sellers can spend more time working on unique, custom packages.



Automated guaranteed inventory is far from commoditized. Integrated targeting allows inventory to be packaged into high impact products to reach the right person at the right time in the right context. Guaranteed campaigns, precision targeting.

The power of automated guaranteed is that different signals, like viewability and context, can be passed from the buyer to the seller in a trusted relationship. The more information that is passed to the advertiser, the more valuable and more premium the inventory becomes.



Transparency and control around pricing is a key pillar of the Automated Guaranteed market. With published pricing, the ability to represent and protect negotiated discounts specific to individual buyer-seller relationships, and to negotiate, buyers and sellers have the tools to make every transaction easy.

In certain situations, programmatic is hidden behind a complicated and opaque model, which has created distrust among clients.



Automated Guaranteed transparently introduces buyers to sellers, giving publishers the confidence to sell their best inventory. Media planning and buying is so much easier when everything is laid out clearly on the table. What You See Is What You Get. #wysiwyg

Marketers deserve to understand what their money is doing for them and where it is going, and agencies deserve to make a profit.



Advertisers can hand select premium publishers and see exactly where their campaigns will run. Publishers know which advertisers will appear on their site and when. Brand safety guaranteed - on both sides of the trade.

Premium publishers have invested a lot in building their brand recognition and a specific audience for their web site. This is premium inventory that should be controlled and priced just like luxury brands do with their products.



Time waits for no plan. It’s time technology made the planning and buying of forward guaranteed easier, faster. Isn’t it time the transaction process took a lot less than either weeks or days? With Automated Guaranteed, the process takes minutes.

I started my career as a media buyer, and one of the things I was surprised about was how manual the process was. To buy an ad unit on the Yahoo homepage, you had to call people. You had to send Excel spreadsheets, email back and forth.



With granular campaign detail always up to date, you can be confident that you’re delivering compelling campaigns that will always appear in the right place and at the right time.

The big problem/opportunity with buying guaranteed inventory is not in optimizing bids, but rather in optimizing the workflow. Optimizing workflow within the agency and among trading partners requires a very different set of technologies than an algorithm for optimizing bid prices on a transaction.



We are integrated with 1st party and 3rd party adservers, more bill/pay and CRM systems than anyone else. Integration of the end to end campaign lifecycle is vital to giving marketers and publishers the speed, accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness they need.

Open APIs and extensible platforms are an absolute necessity for automated guaranteed to mature. Neither publishers nor buyers want to log into countless tools and pull information from different silos.

Reporting & Optimizing


Get actionable insights to help drive real-time results. With campaigns running across multiple publishers and sites, both buyer and seller can stay on top of delivery and performance with graphs and charts that summarize and compare campaign delivery and performance.

Automated buying makes media planning and buying more productive. It is focused on driving results, by leveraging real-time data to inform real-time decisions, even across guaranteed buys.

Reporting & Optimizing


Automated Guaranteed opens up the conversation between buyers and sellers, helping campaigns go live on time and keeping performance on track. An organized timeline of messages and optimization keeps everyone on the same page.

Until tools begin to help agencies and publishers collaborate post-purchase, and throughout the optimization process, automated guaranteed won’t be living up to its greatest promise.

Reporting & Optimizing


The success of a campaign is measured by its results. With in-campaign optimization tools, you can implement changes to a live campaign to drive ongoing performance improvements. Automated Guaranteed – where being a control freak is a good thing.

…the tools of the future must help produce better outcomes for advertisers, and improve agency and publisher efficiency throughout planning, trading, optimizing, and billing.

Reporting & Optimizing


Leave guesswork behind. Accurate reporting gives you the facts to learn and optimize. Up to date reporting helps you spot problems faster and find the opportunities to take campaign performance to the next level.

Historical performance makes campaign analysis more transparent, efficient and enhances the value of well-performing placements over time – increasing the likelihood of repurchasing same inventory and strengthening the buyer/seller relationship.
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